Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Use of IT to reduce the companies environmental impact (98%) now the most common part in Swedish Green-IT strategies

A recent Swedish study showed that the use of IT to reduce the companies environmental impact (98%) is now the most common part in Green-IT strategies (in Sweden) with 80% including it.

Interesting to note how the opportunity/solution perspective is becoming mainstream. Will be interesting to see what the next study show and get more information about the actual content of the studies.

Note: The translation of the categories is mine and not perfect.

The question asked was:
"What does your Green-IT strategy include?"

Those participating in the study were head of IT, CIO’s, etc in private (61%) and state owned (39%) companies and organizations in Sweden with more than 200 employees. 464 participated in the study.

The word "Robot" 100 years 2021: The countdown has begun

The 25th of January 2021 the word Robot will be 100 years... By then a sustainable framework that direct robot development must be in place and guide what robots we have....

"" and Robotic innovation and low-­carbon exploration mechanism (RILEM) are two projects that hopefully will contribute to this.